Whispers of Something Strange

5 November,1859

After careful consideration and much reflection, I have had a revelation, and epiphany of sorts. That there are few things in this world that are more perfect, more exquisite, more impeccable than the American government. As both a Parti Rouge leader and a member of the Assembly of the Province of Canada, we can (and should) look upon the political systems of our southern brethren like an institutional work of art. Oh, to be as liberal as they is but a dream. Of course, being a high ranking member of government, maybe I can change that. The whole idea of keeping our businesses and our trade within the province makes a lot of sense, and not allowing said economic endeavours interfere with political goings makes just as much. I’m sure that you, being an intellectual like myself, will agree.

I hear rumours of the beginnings of some unifying proposition. Some grand series of treaties that will bring together the provinces and Maritimes, or something of that nature. Like I said, they’re only rumours, but what if? This unification process would effectively eliminate the power to the provinces, thus effectively making me obsolete. Of course, we cannot have that, and for the sake of our nation divided, we could not support the unification of provinces. In any case, they are mere rumours, I will show no concern until I see a signed paper.

Otherwise, I hope all is well at home. I’m doing the best I can to make this place as good as we hoped it could be. I’m quickly finding out that my law degree is coming in handy in some situations, so those seven years of school are being put to some use.

Until I see you again

Your brother, A.A. Dorion

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