Eminent Bibliography

http://www.johnwilliams.org/ – John Williams Website with all of the information one could possibly want to know about John Williams. Bio, discography, links to other useful sites, etc. 
http://www.jwfan.com/?page_id=132 – Fan Page with all of the information one could possibly want to know about John Williams. Bio, discography, etc. 
http://www.jw-collection.de/start.htm – Collection of scores and discography.

http://www.johnwilliams.org/reference/biography.html – Bio from the John Williams website mentioned above. 
http://www.thewrap.com/11-things-learned-afi-tribute-john-williams/ – 11 “Fun Facts” about John Williams. Doesn’t go into his whole biography, just the short interesting bits you would’t necessarily get from other sites. 
http://www.biography.com/people/john-williams-9532526#synopsis – Just one more biography website. 

Interviews & Articles
http://www.today.com/id/7749339/ns/today-entertainment/t/man-behind-music-star-wars/#.V7szqpMrLBI – Today Show Interview with John Williams.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueWVV_GnRIA – Itzhak Perlman (violinist for the film Schindler’s List) Interview.
http://variety.com/2016/film/spotlight/john-williams-afi-1201792072-1201792072/ – Variety Article on all of the work he has done, and his significance in the world. An easily digestible, yet informative read. 
http://oscar.go.com/nominees/music-original-score/star-wars-the-force-awakens – 50th Oscar Nomination.

Musical Info
https://youtu.be/Nx7NiJHIlGs – Scoring the film E.T.
https://youtu.be/xZtvm3DEQzY – How to write like John Williams. This video showed some of the musical techniques he uses in his films. It was interesting to watch and fun to try out on my own piano to see how it works.
https://youtu.be/HtifWqsON1g – A comparison to Hans Zimmer and a look into how Hans Zimmer composes. Interesting to see the difference between two very successful film composers. 
http://alanbelkinmusic.com/site/en/ – Alan Belkin’s Website. It contains a lot of information on how to compose in general as well as a letter to a young composer. Lots of subpages were used. Super great resource for general composition. 
http://www.art-13.ru/sites/default/files/musicophilia.pdf – The pdf to the book Musicophilia which I used for musical research purposes. The content is really interesting and touches on the scientific aspects of music. This would help anyone interesting in understanding how and why music works. 

I used his music as a large part of the learning throughout my project. This meaning I listened actively and took notes on his music: what I liked, what instruments are used for what purposes, and so on. I also did this by transcribing a few of his themes and studying some scores that the school had in the band room, and scores that I borrowed from my mom’s school. As well, my interviews were two invaluable sources of information you can’t really get online.

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