Into the (3) Woods

A quick lesson in golf: the clubs. There are several different kinds of clubs. The length of the club is proportionate to the distance the ball travels when you hit it. The shortest club is called the putter, used on the green to knock the ball into the hole when it’s relatively close to the hole. Going up in club length there is the chipping wedge and sand wedge, to be used in situations requiring more than a putter but less than an iron. Also used in situations requiring more vertical ball movement. Then there are the irons. There are irons labelled from three to nine, and the smaller the number on the club, the farther the ball goes. Following the irons come the hybrids. Hybrids are a newer kind of club, combining a long iron (lower-number iron) and a wood. They hit the ball farther than an iron, but shorter than a wood. Woods are the second longest club in your bag. Woods, or Fairways, are generally called into action when there’s +200 yards to the hole. Finally there are divers. No, they are not synonymous with chauffeurs, unless your chauffeur happens to be the longest club in a golf bag. These clubs are hit for the long holes and can go really far to say the least.


Of all these golf clubs, I am most comfortable with irons and everything below. So naturally, I MUST STRIVE TO IMPROVE. So over the time of the last week, I went and got myself some new grips on some old woods. I’ve got to learn eventually, why not start now?

I had went to golf town, and chose some grips that I felt good in my hands. I have yet to try them out on the course but as can be seen by my videos in the last post, I have much to improve on hitting the woods.

Now, a big factor in this in-depth project is having a mentor. Regarding this, I have some good news and bad news. Good news, I have met my mentor. Yes, it has finally happened. Over last weekend at the Jazz Gala, I finally met with him and we talked a bit about the project.

We decided that it would be easiest for us both if we met over spring break and worked on my golfing skills.

Bad news, I still haven’t really done much with my mentor other than that. There is still much to do but we at least have gotten the ball rolling now.

The most difficult aspect of the mentoring process so far has just been trying to meet. My mentor is a pretty busy person and the times he has off don’t match up with the times I have off. However, I’m sure when we finally do meet and work together it should be just fine.

So in the meantime, I’ve been learning a bit more on golf itself. Learning the names of the clubs and what they do, why I should use a certain club at a certain time, as well as seeing how frustrating golf can be.

I was watching a golf tournament the other day. The tournament is called the Honda Classic. The set-up for the video in the following link is this. Adam Scott is leading by 4 strokes going into the 15th hole. He immediately hits his ball into the water, then does it again. Now he is shooting his 3rd stroke and he hasn’t left the tee boxes. Finally he hits a good shot onto the green, and of course, he misses his putt. By the end of the hole, Adam Scott has lost his 4 stroke lead and is now in second, one stroke behind the leader. This is an unfortunate and humorous reminder that even the pros have difficulties all the time and can sometimes be disastrous. Missing putts don’t make me feel so terrible anymore (No need to feel too bad for Adam Scott. He ended up winning anyways).

So very soon, I will be meeting with my mentor and I will have many more videos of my times with him. These upcoming weeks will be big ones in terms of my golf development.