For the Love of Golf

a game played on a large open-air course, in which a small hard ball is struck with a club into a series of small holes in the ground, the object being to use the fewest possible strokes to complete the course

That is essentially what the game of golf is. A game played by lawers, doctors, musicians and the like. A game born of the hardy Scot, which seeped forth from the highland mist, down to nearly every place in the world. A tradition in my family, as can be seen my the seemly unlimited supply of putters that hug the walls of our basement, all of which have thier own names and stories. My father and his father before him were and are players of this game, as well as nealy ever other member of my close and extended family. So when I heard and finally understood in-depth was upon us, I decided to take this opprotunity to learn something I had ought to have learned long ago.
I have some experience in the game of golf. I know the basics, can tell a putter from a driver, and understnd how frustrating it can get, as well as how rewarding.
I’ve gone to the course a couple times in my career as a golfer. In short, I know a  bit about how golf works. But I am not very good, nor do I play often. As well, I only know the basics on history, skills, and technique about golf. The swing, how to approach a shot, how to keep a peace of mind while playing, everything. So what I want to learn how to do is that. To learn a bit more about the history of the sport, to further develop my technique and skill, and to have a better mindset about the game itself (to not get too angry like the guy in the gif).
Mentor-wise, I’d like to meet with them at least twice a month to send me in the right direction and to correct my course if neeed be. As well, my dad is a well-seasoned golfer and can help me whenever I go to the driving range or pitch-and-putt to practice.
This project will not only help me become a better golfer, but will also help me as a person. Golf takes tremenous patience, something I know I could have more of. It takes patience with yourself and patience with the course, a skill that I could always use some improvement in. It will also increase my athlectic ability, another reason why I chose this project. I haven’t done too many athletic things, especially in the last few years so this will for sure help me keep up my athleticism. Also, as mentioned beofre, I can maybe tag along with my cousin and older relatives on the full-size courses.
By the end of this project, I would like to have accomplished a few things. To have my swing go from looking like this……………….
To something more like this….
OK not exactly like that but you get the point. A final challenge for me will be to shoot 108 on a full size course. Meaning I will only take 108 strokes to complete 18 holes, 6 strokes per hole.
All in all, I am very excited for this project and I believe that with hard work and not giving up, I will be able to achieve the golas I have set for myself. I will be keeping video logs and notes as I learn which will be posted here to show my learning.